Swiss Technology Lab

A full-service digital agency transforming businesses, building brands and product experience for the new digital world. We are committed to creating exceptional online solutions at the highest levels of creativity & execution.

Our Services

Branding & Positioning
Is not just a logo. We give a company a new brand identity, a set of visual guidelines. We are breathing new life into every one of its different parts. A brand is the making of an entire language for telling the outside world who you are and what you do. Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Brand Consulting, Logo Design, Photography, Voice & Tone, Color Palette, Shapes & Images, Typeface.
UX/UI Design
We create advanced digital products focused on the only thing that matters - the user. We transform business through design. We explore opportunities and illustrate a vision that excites and rallies stakeholders and change makers. We bring new products to market by coordinating and communicating design processes with product and development teams. We elevate existing products through strategic change, both large and small. UX / UI, Web Design, Web App Design, Mobile App Design, Consumer & Brand Experience.
App Development
We help transform businesses with native software solutions. Operating at the intersection of lean product development, user centric design, and engineering excellence, we build progressive, scalable, value-driven software applications that solve problems. Product Discovery & Design Sprints, Native mobile development, Product Management and Strategy, Replatforming and migration, Software Engineering (front-end and back-end).
Digital Marketing
There are 3.2 billion active social media users, that’s almost half of the world’s total population. So in order to stand out from the crowd, it’s no longer enough to simply do social media — We help brands like yours to tell the world who you are. We can do this through all varieties of media and digital channels. These need to be carefully elected based on where your target consumers spend most of their time and what they value. We find their social spaces and use your brand to speak to them. Integrated Marketing Strategy, Targeting Audiences, Promotional Campaign Management, Influencer & Affiliate Marketing, Digital Publishing, Content and Channel Management, Consumer Conversion.
Content Creation
Is your digital identity. We put content creation at the heart of every campaign. We ensure that all content produced for clients elevates their brand messaging and it is crafted with specific goals in mind. How your business is perceived visually should be part of a well balanced marketing strategy. The digital window into your business needs to have the WOW-factor to differentiate your offering from competitors. We create and produce a deliberate consistent aesthetic across all channels (IGTV, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube), which will give potential customers the intended first impression. Customer generated content and / or influencer content will help to add to the natural feel across your social channels. Art Direction, Photography, Video, Blogging, Copy Writing.

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